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My first crush...
My first love...
The first century...
Of one and only.. Ajay Jadeja...
He was , will and always be ..the one...most desirable for me 🥰🥰😇😍👼🤟❤💘💚🏏⚾️😚😚💌💝💖💞💓🧡❤💛💜💙💗

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Yogi planning to change name of Agra to Agřvaan.
I'm loving it 😁

Tell me whom I don't follow yet. I will follow you back

"ज़िंदगी" में हम कितने "सही"है, और कितने "गलत" है।
ये सिर्फ़ "दो" ही "शख्स" जानते है,

"परमात्मा" और अपनी "अंतरात्मा"..🙏

राधे राधे बोलना पड़ेगा

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RT @[email protected]

Christian government destroyed Durga Devi Temple in guntur Andhra Pradesh
@[email protected] govt humiliated Hindus by downing Temple with A Christian owned JCB

@[email protected] showing Hindus their place in Andhra

Gudi Akkade kadtham Katti teerutham

Jai Bhavani


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केऽद्य विशेषाः । किं प्रचलति देशे विश्वे च? कस्मिन्विषये रोषान्विता वामपन्थिनः?

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* Babur : 61 places named after him
* Humayun : 11 places
* Akbar : 251 places
* Jahangir : 141 places
* Shah Jahan : 63 places
* Aurangzeb : 177 places

We find names of Mughuls everywhere though they ruled for 300 years. But hardly find names of Hindus who ruled for 3000 years

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@freemo @stux @Gargron

After a lot of debates and an ongoing court case in Allahbad.

The government ordered the Archaeological Survey of India to dig up the site under the demolished mosque.

But all digging was supposed to be done in the presence of Muslim Board and Hindu Parties. This ensures no foulplay.

Now here is where the funny thing happens.

Archeologst KK Muhammad and BB Lal discover Pillars, Carving, pottery, Devangari Script Inscriptions, Human Figurines. They discover that the entire Babri Masjid was built on top of pillars of a distinctly Non-Islamic Strucuture.

They find a civilization/township that had existed there since atleast 600 BC.

But strangely these archaeologists get transfered to other projects around the country after the discovery and the site gets handed to their interns who have never even held a pick axe let alone excavate a site.

These junior archaeologists (under gov pressure) give statements about how some artifacts were place there “after” the site had been dug up.

This was later proved to be untrue as in 2019 almost all of them said that they were either not trained in arxhaelogy or had written their reports after reading what was written in Newspapers.

Imagine writing about the most controversial issue after reading a bunch of newspapers and then submitting this to the government saying that there is nothing underneath the mosque.

BB lal and KK Muhammed the orignal archaeologists were very smart to not handover their field notebooks to them. If they had the interns would have manipulated the findings in a much more sever way. They knew the waves this discovery would create and risked their careers so that the truth could survive.

You have to understand this.

The Indian Gov back then Never wanted the matter resolved as the Ayodya/Babri Issue polarised Hindus against Muslims and turned into a major facilitator for Vote Bank Politics.

Why would you sell the hen that laid golden eggs?

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@Amrit no need to say sorry. Don't be apologetic for putting your views. Surely there is nothing like Sanatan Dharma! :YOGA:

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@Amrit well coz they are seen by many as embodiment of extreme capitalism. So there are many emotions at play ranging from mild jealousy to sometimes hate & contempt.

Why do people always bajaofy iPhone users 😅

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We have renewed the domain and Paid for Hosting bills. It will be big help if you can donate something to keep this alive 🙂

Donate Via UPI - [email protected]

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I heard Mastodon is becoming popular in India now, that is great news. Welcome everyone

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ऊं भूर्भुवः स्वहः तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं ।
भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि धियो योनः प्रचोदयात ।।

@inditoot @akarshanbiswas do u know google sticker ads canbe put for as cheap as INR 100 ?
Watch this

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@inditoot installed it. Pretty neat I found the browser was nice too. Over time I am sure folks will come over cause it works well & I haven't seen any glitch so far. Keep it up.... @terikahkeloonga

Virat Kohli turned a vegetarian now !
Wohooo !

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