Twitter seems yo be such a toxic place
Got there after a month
All I could sèe on my TL:
Some cheap journo females fighting with Kangana's sister
Trump abusing India
Some American blue ticked guys demeaning India
Some Hindu folks trying to lick Mullas over shobha yatra bhandara (most irritating)

Just feeling Twitter should be permanently banned coz it does more bad than good

I guess I now should go to any Friendship making site where I can just chill with unknown people over non political talks & matters that interest me 😁😁😁

@Amrit LOL! Join tinder, okCupid, azar, !

The best option still remains is TikTok

@Ashutosh I think I once joined Tinder - everyone was real creepy🤐
OkCupid my friend told me everyone just insist on meeting personally 🤨
Never heard of Azar 😨
आजार means fever in Marathi


>shobha yatra bhandara

Ohh and Hindus are eating it like some kind of Amrit 🤦‍♂️Stupid people can't learn anything.

They broke your temple, Home and You forget all that just for a puri

@inditoot They should be shown the video where these mullas stand inside the vessel full of dal rice etc n distribute the same food to eat

@Amrit @inditoot Some, Hindus won't learn, never will they pay heed to history

@Garv560 @Amrit

That is the main issue many of them don't even know what happen in past.

If one forget there history, history gonna repeat itself.

@inditoot @Amrit Academic scene is already captured by leftists for a prolonged period moreover ppl have 'sanu ki' mentality, can't fathom beyond their nose

@Garv560 @Amrit

We are working on it for a true resource on Our History

@Amrit @Garv560 Well I and @akarshanbiswas gonna host and get some big brains from Twitter to write.

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