@inditoot Kuch dino baad tea stall ya Vada paav stall pe dikhenge. Unfortunately ye hi fate hai hamare yahan athletes ka. Now it is changing but still long way to go


All this goes to our cricket love and bad system , if people watch and support other sports then they will sure get advertisements.


@inditoot Ya true. People are blinded for cricket. I fear if tomorrow govt declares cricket as National game instead of hockey. Infact I dun understand why Kabaddi or any other Indian local was not made our National game instead of Hockey. Was Hockey originated in India ?


No, it was originated in Egypt as per Wikipedia. Although it was famous because of Dhanychand Pille.

@inditoot Is desh ka kuch nahi ho sakta. Especially Hindus ka 😞

@BalajiRamKrish @inditoot OMG ! RTI says this....this is astonishing. Then what is our National Game actually?

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