Aankhon mein Tera hi chehra

@Amrit You gonna love this, and see Shahid Kapoor 🤨

@inditoot Haha already loving it..the band name was Aryans !
Such songs made our childhood special. The only decade when indipop survived ❤🌷

@Amrit and checkout Shahid kapoor 🙄This was first time I listened to this song and now it's my favorite


@inditoot Oops really ? This was a chartbuster for weeks during those days & every kid would know who strings was.
Chk another song of theirs which is my fav
'Kho Gaye Kahan (Album Version)' from Yeh Hawa Kehti Hai Kya @saavn! saavn.com/s/song/hindi/Yeh-Haw

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