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My first toot/message from mastodon, hello from #India

लो बोल दिया PKMKB! मोदी from Houston.

Who is biggest comedian of pak!

It is zaid hamid!

Alag hi duniya me jee raha hai. Spreading venom against hindus and India everytime. Alag hi facts hai iske pass. 😂😂

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Dr Bill Warner said:

Islam is the great library burner --Nalanda, Alexandria, Persia

They shud understand that Thier roots are in india. There is no record of muslim associates in india before Mughal invasion. That their genes and mindset belongs to Vasudev कुटुंबकम् । 2/2

I guess we have to stop muslim extremists expansion on pan india level. If they keep going in the same way, no doubt India will not grow as it seems to be. They have to understand that they belong to Indian culture and values. They don't need to follow a culture which is born in middle east. 1/2

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Very Relevant, It's not going to end.
Preamble has Socialist carved.
Will never become Superpower w/o wiping out Socialism.

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What I think of Indian New Away jersey

What are your views on my take ??

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National level athlete. Seduced by a Muzlim man named Mohsin. Left her home to be with him. He and his friend raped her and then sold her to a brothel-keeper!! But hey, doesn’t exist.


Peaceful people killed by voilent animal!

This should stop.

A person killed by people in Jarkhad for theft case but provoking to chant Jai shree Ram. I dont know where they are taking the country. Matter of utter disgrace.

The IPS shot a rapist in rampur today. He died eventually.
Well the rapist was of minority class ( muslim 😅​) named nazim. No outraze in proper media. No victim card.

Atleast SOME state police has got guts to kill someone.

I was thinking for this for a very long time.
The topic is :

India is a big country have numerous languages, what shud avg indian shud be taught about language courses in school/college hailing from north

Good to see that TRIPLE TALAQ Bill is passed in Lok sabha with congrees and other parties being in opposition with the bill.

We need to put congress from 44 to zero.

Good to see muslim women and men performing yoga on .

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Got success in my first attempt. Atleast Facebook did some good work.

This guy asmat salaam wrote that ' we are waiting to create more islamic organisation so that they can overpower india/hindu in pakistan/outside india'

I don't.know from where this sick mentality emerge. Where do they read?

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Quora bans Deepak Mehta. The only reason seems to be his politically incorrect attitude and starting a space to debunk the theory of 'Hindu Terror'.

Guess what? Twitter isn't the only liberal extremist social network. Quora is a close competitor with a firm belief in curbing the opposition.

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