Lincoln's killer isn't a terrorist,
Kennedy's killer isn't a terrorist,
but Gandhi's killer is a terrorist.

finally setup kubuntu everything as I wanted it to be ❤️

A commendable step by the government to appoint Mr. Arif Mohammad Khan as the new Governor of Kerala

People who donated Just Ping me once, Need to add You Guys in Sponsored List 🙂

Cho Ramasamy was a badass RW journalist. We miss him a lot at this time of (1) 370 revocation and (2) outcry of sickular prestitutes.
We miss him.
@inditoot @chalat @Jagan_Nath

4) We can talk about democracy, secularism, fascism, freedom of expression, human rights violation after normalcy comes back in Kashmir. Till then no harm in using arms.
5) Despite being a journalist (to whom press freedom is important), I'd use arms if I were the ruler.

1) It's national duty of journalists to support the government when it decides to revoke even if it means compromising the press freedom.
2) Nation is not an entity to show endless mercy. Sometimes it has to use police & army. That's why nations have them.
3) Journalists are Indians 1st

What an assertive action by PM and HM. Long live BHARAT MATA.

My mess owner giving everyone ladoo #370 🤣

Finally #370 gone
Mon Aug 5 2019 became the most important day in my life i could see, i still can't believe it's done.💖​

🇮🇳 Jai Hind 🙋‍♂️

Finally some reprieve, JD(S) led government is out of picture

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