For the past few days, the number of coffins that have reached homes brought tears to the nation's eyes. But the brave Veer Naris! Military wives are a different breed, strong as steel. God chooses the toughest ladies and pairs them with soldiers 🙏🏼🙏🏼

I am asking.... When this moron is saying this a nikkah, does he mean he, bride and groom understands Arabic and is fully aware of all the rituals in nikkah?

What does he think about halala?
What does he think about triple talaq?

First let him answer these two.

Velukkudi Krishnan further says, the bride and groom know Vedas and mantras are for their good. Similarly the purohit believes Veda mantras are for the good of the couples.

This moron MK Stalin of DMK is speaking bad about Hindu marriage mantras and practices. He says
1) the bride and groom has to sit in front of 🔥 without knowing why they're sitting.
2) The priest just blabbers some mantras whose meaning he himself does not know.
What is the use of such rituals? Muslim rituals are rational.

A soft rebuttal has been given by Velukkudi Krishnan ji.
1) Did we get permission from 1 yr old babies before vaccinating him?
2) Do parents know the chemical composition of the drug, side effects, corner cases. Do they know for what ailment is the drug for?
3) Do doctors know how a drug would behave exactly? Do they know how a bottle of drug is manufactures?
Everybody goes with trust and faith. Parents know they are doing good to child. Doctors hope this drugs work in identical way to that of other patients.

All trust.

The bomb blast is very disheartening. Please give free hands to the army and crpf to retaliate once we're done finding who is responsible. You can allow speech, extreme verbal criticisms and all but not violence.

Violence must be dealt with violence. Another surgical strike due.

How rude Mr. P. Chirambaram? Are you not answerable to common citizens of India? You are an example of how a politician should not be. Opaque. You're keeping citizens in oblivion. Bad.

I was on a business trip in the US. Returning back to India now. Hope to see you more in same time zone.

With Twitter arbitrarily reducing the number of retweets today, I hope they ask Jack what this code is doing inside.


if user in rWing:
rtCount -= whatEver
followCount -= whichEver
user.shadowBan(DAILY, 2002, 2200)

if location['INDIA'].feeling(BORED):

Wow! It's 2048 characters now for a toot. Less need for 1/n s.

In a tragic incident, 17 people lost there lives after a hotel in Delhi's karol bagh was gutted in fire during wee hours of tuesday. @inditoot @karolbaghfire

Can that be called conversion? Even if we called it so, who did it? The courts. 4/4.

My counter is:
1) Yeah, what Ramalingam said is literally wrong. But I feel he meant that the Abrahamic faiths originated outside India. Nevertheless, he should have been clearer. But murder can't be justified.

2) Yeah, conversion may be allowed but forced conversions are not. Ramalingam was not interested. He was called and professed.

3) The bringing of Indic faiths into Hinduism was done by courts for justice delivery. Many justices that applied to Hinduism applied to Buddhism as well. 3/n

6) India is own house for Hindus. It's rented house for Christians and Muslims.
Ramalingam ended.

My friend who started the argument said, 1) India belongs to all. So it was Ramalingam who started this issue.
2) Constitution gives rights to preach and practice religions. Nothing wrong in converting.
3) Hinduism converted Saivism, Vaishnavism, Saaktham, Kaumaram, Buddhism, Jainism, etc. That's bigger than this.


My friend and I had a big argument about Ramalingam case.
In a video Ramalingam is seen saying:
1) Did I call you. It's you who first called me to convert.
2) I can wear skull cap can you wear vibudhi?
3) I can eat biriyani. Can you eat our prasadham?
4) I can get you land in my Hindu dominated area. Can you get me a piece of land in this Muslim dominated area?
He further goes on to say,
5) The primary motive for Christians and Muslims is dividing Indian society. 1/2

I once tweeted and tooting it here as well.

TN people, If you are safely sitting and abusing North Indians as daily wages labourers, pani poori sellers, paan chewers, less educated etc, it's because they bore the brunt of many deadly invasions and prevented the invaders from reaching you. The marathas, rajputs, vijayanagar, etc.

I am indebted to my fellow Indians in the north.
Pasting a post here...
Majority of people who donated for the welfare of the family of Mr.Ramalingam were Indians from North. The goal: collect Rs.10 Lakhs in 30 days, Got: Rs.18 lakhs in one day. The people who want to divide TN in the name of Tamil Nationalism and Dravidianism lost says this tweet.


You will find the right approach that will work for you

All you need is a “hunger to learn” and dedication.

This is going to be far, far, easier than you expect

Ask anyone who has learnt Samskritam over the past 2-3 years – you will hear the same message ..

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