It's been difficult... I posted about inditoot in 3 RW group with each 150+ members. Less than 5 joined.

Unless multiplying effect takes place, it's difficult to get more people use this awesome platform.

Any marketing people among us who can help? Any suggestions from others???

@BalajiRamKrish I am working on it, i am doing it first time so taking my time

Scenario is doen
Script is done
Just need to record sound and video

@inditoot is our video ready? I promise to share in all possible avenues I know of.

Muslim mob entered the house and abducted her son. Vikas Saxena, the young boy, is nowhere to be found and the parents of the minor, Mona and Devendra are caught in a web of anger and distress.

One more incident in Jaipur where Muslim raped a minor Girl and the whole community come to protect that rapist.

What is wrong with this community? Police is doing nothing in both cases and media is silent.

@BalajiRamKrish @chalat

It's a sad state of RW intellectuals so called big handle who has huge RW following on Twitter, can't think above there followers count.

I don't expect anything from them.

500 Muslim come out of no where vandalized Hindu Temple.

All this over a Parking issue, This is a well planned terror attack.

And Media is silent, This is how media is shielding Islamic terrorism.

@inditoot can you help with steps to register and join this platform and about this app. I will post in WhatsApp group and make them join this.

@BalajiRamKrish can't disagree with pt 1. Since u say it's ur opinion, guess assertion in pt 2 isn't really based on evidence. govt policy has 2 b based on data, not opinion
As for educated muslim women ending regressive practices, just think of that Shehla Rashid (JNU) lady. Or any1 in AMU or Jamia

@BalajiRamKrish regressiveness, radicalism, hatred for Kaffirs is inbuilt into the desert cult. It can't be reformed by throwing money at them. If that was possible Saudi would've been liberal. Only way to reform Muslims is by de-islamizing them. Pushing more Muslims to madrassas won't do that.

@BalajiRamKrish but yes, as a general rule and a future deterrent, he should be p punished

@BalajiRamKrish I would say if he was paid a decent wage, probably wouldn't have even contemplated such thing. You should know the salaries paid to Poojary by govt in TN. It's pathetic.

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