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We are proud of isro for #Chandrayaan2.

We failed​ , we broke but we will overcome and raise agian 🇮🇳

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It is time we talk about and expose the intentions and methods of Christian Missionaries who convert Indians on the pretext of money, lies and fraudery.

Help spread the message.

@inditoot @ramraja @Amrit @MnurBhaBa @hindujedi @akarshanbiswas @dru4

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The #ClimateCrisis is inherently unfair. These 9 countries will get hit especially hard as the globe heats up.

In #India, heat translates to hunger.
In #Namibia, the government is auctioning off elephants to cope with a drought.
#Mauritania will be 50% more vulnerable to food insecurity
#China is expected to face the highest number of food insecurity deaths
#Seychelles could disappear
#MarshallIslands & #Maledives are vulnerable too
#Bangladesh & #Vietnam will suffer...


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@CAbhijeeth Only Vikas will not suffice. Dharma also needs to be given parallel importance. Only then can Bharat become Vishwa Guru

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