@srinath thankyou so much
Its good to see that indian version of twitter 😃

@PriyankaGupta yes. Proud to be on the Bharatiya version. I don't use the term "India " or "indian "😁😁💪💪👍👍🙏🙏

@srinath after declaration of amit shah as a home minister we will see many change to bring hindus in mainstream of country.
So I want @inditoot srf hinduo ka social media format rahe
Jaha inhe ek chatra ke neeche laya ja sake.

@srinath @PriyankaGupta @arunakandarpa

OK it seems they are talking about Making inditoot for hindu only

@CPRaghav @srinath @PriyankaGupta @arunakandarpa

Keybase is a third party service where you can verify multiple identity like your website your Twitter and Facebook and others.

And :verified: this is just emoji like 😒 these add it in your name

@CPRaghav @srinath @PriyankaGupta @arunakandarpa

Good to know, Well some people are very much attached to these things.

@dru4 @CPRaghav @srinath @PriyankaGupta @arunakandarpa

More people, more fun😉 although contact with caution outside of inditoot. People are just crazy and getting offended is something they do very often.

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