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Today is the 100th anniversary of massacre.

Never forget! Never forgive.

Come to think of it massacre was justified by some as 'necessary for protection of dignity of European women'.
Ironically, it might have been avoided had the Europeans stayed on in fcuking Europe, no?

He claimed Dyer was "the man who saved India", started a benefit fund which raised over 26,000 pounds sterling, including 50 pounds contributed by Kipling himself and rest by other citizens who endorsed the massacre.

What made the massacre even more shameful was the public felicitations of the 'Hero', Gen Dyer, in Britain.
The one person at the forefront of the 'Help Dyer' campaign was the celebrated poet Rudyard Kipling.

Otherwise the shops will be opened by force and Rifles. You will have to report to me of the Badmash. I will shoot them. Obey my orders and open shops. Speak up if you want war

You have committed a bad act in killing the English. The revenge will be taken upon you and upon your children'


I shall report all these. Obey my orders. I do not wish to have anything else. I have served in the military for over 30 years. I understand the Indian Sepoy and Sikh people very well.
You will have to obey my orders and observe peace.

Neither shall I move to the right nor to the left. Speak up, if you want war? In case there is to be peace, my order is to open all shops at once. You people talk against the Government and persons educated in Germany and Bengal talk sedition.

.. For me the battlefield of France or Amritsar is the same. I am a military man and I will go straight

Quote, "You people know well that I am a Sepoy and soldier. Do you want war or peace? If you wish for a war, the Government is prepared for it, and if you want peace, then obey my orders and open all your shops; else I will shoot...


English translation of Dyer's Urdu statement directed at local residents of Amritsar on the afternoon of 14 April 1919:

"Your action is correct and the Lieutenant Governor approves"

Michael O'Dwyer (Punjab Governor) to Gen Dyer, after the massacre

Soldiers of 25th London forcing the 'Crawling Order' in Amritsar, Apr 1919.

Buildup to massacre

Today is the 100th anniversary of massacre.

Never forget! Never forgive.

Saudi Arabia & Afghanistan too, awarded with Modi with highest honor.

Seoul awarded "Peace Prize" TO Modi.

Are we doubting their Intelligence agencies that NaMo would return back?


Russia says with top most award to Modi

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