A polar bear getting excited to see its surroundings painted with Birla white putty, goshh people making such crap call themselves creative

Just 300 students out of 17k gheraoed VC at Jamia and a section of media went in overdrive to paint and impress upon the citizenry that the revolution has just begun

I fail to understand how can India become a $5 trillion economy if a very basic item like a walker (req. after surgery), can't be manufactured in bulk within our country? Y such a simple item has to procured from China? For how long our emphasis will be on the service-centric economy?

I think its time to ignore these leftist goons and weirdo students who go to college for fun n politics and have become a pawn in the hands of political parties

जब जन्मभूमि के माटी से
कुछ बुत बनवाए जाएँगे
इक राम लल्ला होंगे उनमें
मसनद पे बिठाए जाएँगे
बाबर के ताज उछाले जाएँगे
ज़ुल्म के तख़्त गिराए जाएँगे
बस नाम रहेगा राम-सिया का
जो ग़ायब भी है हाज़िर भी
जो मंज़र भी है नाज़िर भी
उठेगा 'अहम् ब्रह्मास्मि' का नारा
जो मैं भी हूँ और तुम भी हो..

The biggest nightmare for the secular syndicate in India, is the political enlightenment of Hindus to some extent and their feeble attempts to consolidate as one irrespective of past fissures

Citizenship Law Has "Nothing To Do With India's Muslims": Shahi Imam, it seems Imam Bukhari is more informed & behaving rationally than the so-called "intellectuals" of this country, including law students & grads. I guess he has put his secular certificate in jeopardy after saying this

Uddhav's comments make me wonder is it necessary to become a moron and behave as lunatic to qualify as a secular ? If yes then he is working overtime to prove himself a qualified Chutiya

Is meant to become fodder so that anyone in the name of protest thrash them? Jamia students r to be blamed for Seelampur violence, if u can't defeat someone politically, legally then in the garb of student protest burn down the country & blame the administration wah

Feel very sorry for , they are the most abandoned force in our country, they have to face jihadi onslaught with their hands tied, no bollywood bhand will come in support of this hapless police force

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So the situation is, India offered citizenship (CAB) to Sikhs, Christian, Buddhist, Jains, and Hindus who are being persecuted in three Islamic neighboring nations coz of Islamic bigots but Muslims who were in majority in these 3 Islamic nations are 'NOT' offered citizenship since the 3 nations are Islamic. In response, a section of Muslims in India with support from 'seculars' are burning down cities, ransacking state property and attacking 'Unbelievers'

Just because they are students, should they be given immunity to destroy public and private property?

AAP is a party of hardworking'Netas','Amanatulla' was inciting mobs,'Marlena' was inciting footsoldiers on SM by deliberately twisting the contents of the video while 'Sisodia' was busy blaming BJP for riots,where will you get such hardworking mandali working for the ppl of Delhi

The myth being circulated is that the CAB protests are spontaneous, a result of misinformation by gullible innocents, I disagree these are well planned and strategically organized campaigns to demonize India and the incumbent government.

I am not in favor of clemency for rapists, but the kind of soap opera these news wallas r intending to make of Nirbhaya rapists is sad n very indignified, this itch to be at the forefront to break news is making some ppl inhuman

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