With experience have realized that magnanimity is often construed as weakness guess being ruthless derives respect

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@Garv560 If people of category like Arif Mohammed, Dr.Kalam are more vocal, then the mindset of the community will also change. These people capture the true Bharatiya ethos. Also it will help stop the brainwashing and hate. There is no reason to fight if communities get mutual equal respect.

A commendable step by the government to appoint Mr. Arif Mohammad Khan as the new Governor of Kerala

Mayawati ji accused Nehru for Kashmir problem
All my toots on her, should be considered null n void😀

Has anyone checked whether Barkha Bibi stood in solidarity with Pakistan today?🤔

So Pakis with empty stomachs will stand in solidarity for Kashmiris, i am loving it😃

After Lalu only Chiddu now has the privilege to be in jail that he himself inaugurated, what an achievement Sir ji😄

हम चिदम्बरम जी के साथ खड़े हैं-प्रियंका वाड्रा

वो तो ठीक है लेकिन खड़े किस जगह हो इस वक़्त - CBI

Shameless Chidu running from law is heartening, he almost compromised the entire security network of India in Ishrat Jahan case to tarnish the image of Modi n Shah

Sonam gave interview on Kashmir while proclaiming she would like to keep quite , Chutzpah 😀

Beware, Barkha Bibi is back to her old tricks n dramatics of using 'innocent' Kashmiris to peddle anti-India propaganda

I am so impressed by the magnanimity shown by fringe Sikh groups in Londonistan, the Sikh girls r being targeted by Pakistanis and used as sex slaves but these handful Sikhs still supported the same Islamic maniacs , only shows they r ok when their mothers n sisters r seduced to become sex toys by Pakistanis 🤔 😀

29 instruments representing 29 states playing the enchanting tune Happy Friends

So porn writer A-Shobha who gives her shitty views on everything under the sun has become a patriotic overnight 😀

Pakistanis complaining about Human Rights, Freedom of speech for Kashmiris is actually appalling, these cry babies should be rightfully ignored.

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