Finally some reprieve, JD(S) led government is out of picture

By killing the golden goose(stock markets), BJP is sliding down the hill that took years of hardwork to build

If we continue to support BJP government on everything despite their comprises on ideology then the day is not far when BJP turns into Congress party. So, criticize wherever due

Heartiest congratulations to for winning 5 consecutive gold medals. We Indians r proud of your achievements

Can someone please explain what the heck is happening in Karnataka ? How can a party cling on to power unconstitutionally ?

Privanka Vadra is exploiting the Sonbhadra incident to resurrect Dynasty fortunes, hope her endeavor results in big Zero

Finally some respite from scorching heat, its raining here in Faridabad 😊

Commendable steps taken by Ranchi bar association
They are United and will boycott Manish Singh's Court

Secular Court- Ms. Bharati, as a penance for your communal post you’ll distribute 5 copies of Quran.
RW Twitter - But Mi’lords this man has abused Hindu Gods. Shouldn’t he be given the same punishment as her?
SC-(after deliberation) Right. He too shall distribute copies of Quran

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