Honestly tired of watching the new developments or Breaking news on Maharashtra government formation was wondering will Maharashtra have government or mid-term elections will be declared?

How do JNU students get such immunity that they can get away by abusing Female professor, beat female guard, misbehave with a female journalist, vandalize statute and openly abuse VC yet claim holier than thou

I m astonished by the blabbering of judge Katju on the testimony of Sunanda,y r the self-declared intellectuals oblivious of historical tragedies or try to be indifferent to the plight of Hindus? Y the obsession to become halo? The likes of Owaisi r hell-bent on inciting mob by ridiculing Ayodhya-verdict, increase in Islamic radicalism is rampant & yet questioning Sunanda's integrity for not talking abt Muslims in her testimony 

Btw SS vow not to bow before Delhi is both funny n intriguing, what they meant was they will hobnob with corrupt n bow before Italian mafia, good luck SS for taking your constituency for granted

SS death wish seems to have been finally accepted by NCP+Congress combine while abandoning their core constituency in the hope of promised land is the beginning of the destruction of SS.

Posting this marvelous testimony of Sunanda Vashisht on the human aspect and the tyranny witnessed by KP's. Her testimony was moving and personal and a slap on liberals, terror-apologist besides Pakistan-

Honor is what no man can give you and no man can take away. Honor is a man's gift to himself.
Good morning friends

here are many Hindu temples where males cant enter if one Temple Sabarimala doesn't allow women of a certain age because of certain rites, beliefs, practices it is not discrimination.

Case referred to larger bench understood but did they get the stay on last year's women entry or not?

Isn't it strange that Turkey who's a rabid supporter of Pakistan n ISIS has been chosen by Congress to open its office?  

NDA has the golden opportunity to finish Congress from Maharashtra politics for good but for the greed and ego the Congress will get new lease of life, what a travesty.

One interesting outcome of Ayodhya verdict is the unmasking of various pseudo-seculars, who r slowly but surely revealing their true colors by questioning the verdict on emotional grounds and thus inciting fellow Muslims

Is there any website to load torrent hindi movies in HD

Turkey is killing Kurdish Muslims.its friend Pakistan is killing Baloch, Shia Muslims, Ahmadiyas and it's master China is persecuting Uighur Muslims 
But for Islamic Nations, the Abrogation of Article370  by India is Islamophobic while not a single word of condemnation against these 😀 :thinking:

The manner in which SS is being run by narcissist leadership the day isn't far when SS will be wiped out the state of SS will be धोबी का कुत्ता ना घर का रहा ना घाट का

SS ने साबित कर दिया की बेवकूफ दोस्त से अच्छा है समझदार दुश्मन lesson for BJP

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Congratulations Shiv Sena. You have made it easy to explain to my son who was Jaichand. Now everybody knows that BJP kept you in the NDA and kept respecting you but you dumped them for the sake of power. For someone like me coming from a state where regional party is strong, I hate regional party dominance. So it will be a great day when BJP completely wipes out Shiv Sena from Maharashtra.

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