@Amrit Thank God I'm not a native Hindi speaker. My family says mahila and stree only.

@akarshanbiswas hahaha 😄😄 aurat sounds so derogatory as the religion itself 😋

@Amrit @akarshanbiswas

Add a word on sanskritised word

महिला 😊

@inditoot @akarshanbiswas just now read that definition of Aurat 🤨 its so bad

@Amrit @inditoot @akarshanbiswas using मित्र wud seem all fine. Why gender bias the word?

@akarshanbiswas @Ashutosh @inditoot True that ! Mitr - Sakhi this is how we can use for addressing

@Garv560 @akarshanbiswas @Ashutosh @inditoot Yes indeed. I read Sanatan dharmgranths & find all such sweet literature in it. Can figure out how mesmerising our past had been 🥰

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