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I fail to understand y is gov't so defensive on abrogation of Article 370, does it believe that development or lack of it resulted in terrorism? No, its Islamic bigotry in Kashmir, these ppl don't understand secularism only ummah, change the demography without being ashamed.

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@Garv560 Jis din Ram Mandir bana na apna Janm safal ho jayega... 💥💥💥❤🌷

No matter how much angry i was with BJP, but in the end साला दिल जीत लिया Ayodhya next

भारत माता की जय

Guess we r going to witness History in making 😀

Now that's the difference between UPA n BJP tackling Kashmir seperatist problem 😀

Down with and down with its awardees till our SC/ST/OBC don't get it. Its a conspiracy to award only upper-caste Hindus(Ravish Kumar Pandey, Sanjeev Chaturvedi, Sandeep Pandey, TN Sheshan, Neelima Mishra, Deep Joshi) 😂 😂

We, Hindus who were given huge doses of pseudo-secularism have awakened and stood by every Hindu warrior

This is complete rubbish, remittances aren't investment and clubbing them together won't change the ground situation i.e economy is in doldrums because of obnoxious policies

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