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गद्दार नहीं खुद्दार चाहिये !! कमजोर नहीं दमदार चाहिये!!
तुम्हें मुबारक हो वंशवादी शहज़ादे, हमें हमारा चौकीदार ही चाहिये !!

Sunne Mein aya hai ki neighboring country's Wazir 'Khan' will be replaced with a different puppet.

The real bosses not happy at all with his inability to engage Modiji.

The nuclear threat is no more. IAF took care of it. Many invisible things are happening.

Via : @arunpudur

If referendum happens ppl will vote for India, they never committed atrocities on us: Abdul Hamid Khan, senior leader from Gilgit-Baltistan

The Hindu Temple at Kushab, in Pakistan a 6 stories temple built by Hindu Shahi Kings, who ruled Upaghanasthan ( present Afganistan). This majestic structure is still standing tall in spite of facing 1000 years of desecrations

India suspends LoC trade with Pakistan from April 19

Very Important Day

Vote Wisely

Vote for Modi Govt

Very Crucial election for future of bharat

Pudur Post Polls does the Largest poll survey among 4,26,534 Indians

The final results:

@BJP4India + NDA >> 306 + 82 = 388

@INCIndia + UPA + others >> 37 + 43 + 77 = 157

This gives @narendramodi a second term as @PMOIndia & @RahulGandhi in opposition

Via : @PPPollsAi

biggest land scam to benefit Muslim Rajas. PAK is still run like fiefdom & minorities still treated like slaves - Captain Sikander Rizvi

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