Pudur Post Polls does the Largest poll survey among 4,26,534 Indians

The final results:

@BJP4India + NDA >> 306 + 82 = 388

@INCIndia + UPA + others >> 37 + 43 + 77 = 157

This gives @narendramodi a second term as @PMOIndia & @RahulGandhi in opposition

Via : @PPPollsAi

Can't comment on other states but numbers for Kerala and AP are just ridiculous. Forget 6 highly unlikely that BJP would win even 1 seat in AP. In Kerala it will win 1, with some luck 2. Whoever made this doesn't know these states.

@chalat @Interests But BJP was getting stronger in south.

what is thereason? 🤕

@vaibhavgupta @Interests not sure about the getting strong in the South. BJP was already strong in Kar. will do well there. Will definitely get 1 seat, may be 2, in KL and improve vote%. but in AP there is strong -ve sentiment due to spl status issue. TN also may wins some seats due to alliance.

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