A guide for every Hindu who wants to practice his Dharma but doesn’t know where to begin from


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Tarek Fatah (@TarekFatah):

Top-10 list of people hated by Islamists:

1. Shia Muslims
2. Ahmadiya Muslims
3. Ex Muslims
4. Happy People
5. Hindus
6. Jews
7. Christians
8. Whites
9. Blacks
10. And of course, Gays

Just ask @IlhanMN Omar and Linda @lSarsour; they'll both confirm the list.

➖ Subtract

➕ Add

✖️ Multiply

➗ Nehru

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नमो नमः | वंदे मातरम् ||

Vaishakh Krishna Navami,

K - 09/02/7580

Grishma Ritu

Reject Christian CE Calendar.

Please BOOST & spread the word 🙏

Re-posting my first Tweet as my first - Dr. says that "Modi is a name changer, not a game changer". Bold words coming from the wife changer.

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