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Mohammed, the most talented person in this world.
Fooling billions of innocent people,
even scientists n astronauts r fooled by himπŸ˜•.

PUBG is Spreading like Hardcore Religions across the globe.

Everywhere Pubg Pubg Pubg.....

I'm not hating the game.
But the concept of the game is sooo poor, realising them killing is the main moto for Survival.

Which is 100% wrong.

At some point its good on the west side,
To keep them away from real world crime.

Though Its a bad Influence, planted a seed in deep state mind.

In future that seed will burst n crack him from Inside.


The Karma day is Today.


Birthday Today also.

Raining Outside, similar everyyear.

Coincidence, i don't think So


😡 Fact:

Left-wing says Climate changes destory us.
Right-wing says Left-wings destroy us.
Secular says Bhakts destoy us.
Bhakts says Nehru-Gandhi destory us.
Chamcha says Modi destroys us.

But Sadly the Truth hides between them.

Power Comes From Heart, not from Muscles, not from hands, not from legs, not from belly🀣.
N ur precious memories alive themselves.

Check my followers count.
It shows reality.
Life wants Drama.
Without Nautaki, U can't live.🀨

Next 20-25 yrs MahaBharatam will be very popular in worldwide.
It already started in China &
USA next, Britain Upcoming

war emerging

πŸ”±Life is the Real World Game,
Just u need to find the right controller.

Sometimes U can't defend the Consequences of life, so don't be sad.

(Earth's greatest Sacrificer)

Ganapati.......The cheif of Gana

Just like

Subhas Chandra Basu

Shivaji Maharaj

Maha RanaPratap

Guru Govind Singh

Chandragupta Maurya

Rani Lakshmi Bai

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