Hello all Tooters, how are you?
Guy's have a question for you.
I know everyone hear about Nushrat jahan MP of TMC how many know about real nushrat jahan??

@Amrit @PriyankaGupta @inditoot probably everything she is doing is staged. but lets c what is going to happen exactly. We can wait for next fer more weeks

@PriyankaGupta @Ashutosh @inditoot The Quint ka bharosa kar sakte hain kya. I cannot. This is endorsed by Quint. I don't trust TMC I don't trust TMC but similarly I cannot also trust Quint guys. 🧐

@inditoot @PriyankaGupta @Ashutosh And Quora also is pro Islamic n Hinduphobic. I uninstalled it after they removed my comment for calling someone as Moron who was givind bad name to Sadhguru & Isha foundation. They say u cannot personally attack bt ya others can attack my Religion openly. Wow

@Amrit @PriyankaGupta @Ashutosh

Yeah, multiple people reported the same, don't know why this is happening so much?

@Amrit @inditoot @PriyankaGupta @Ashutosh try commenting on third person like zakir, romila, sadguru, pt. mahendra pal instead of attacking on each other directly.

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