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Amaroq has the COPY feature that works

@inditoot how do we get the url of a specific toot for cross posting to twitter?

Is it the same as embed?


Speaking method has many advantages – a natural learning style that is NOT via learning grammar first

You glide in smoothly and start understanding its rhythms and nuances

This is very effective and many people swear by this– you may soon be one of them!


Check out other ‘learning by hearing and speaking’ approaches


Rashtriya Samskrita Sanstha videos


Vaarta Sanskrit New by Doordarshan


Subscribe and enjoy..



Kids learn a language by speaking – so can you!

Sanskrit Sansthan has 120+ videos that teach you by an easy “action method” and help you move from speaking simple to complex Samskritam sentences

Lesson 1:



क्रोञ्चनं इति उपयुज्यते स्यात्। 😀

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I am using Fedilab. It's been flawless on the first day.

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@Pvaal For IOS there is Tootdon and Amaroq are free and Mast and Toot are paid once.

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@Kasheer_suneel Just download tootdon i recommended many people and its working for them.

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What apps are recommended by folks here for iOS? Amaroq? Toot?


Check out ONGC’s comprehensive site for learning Samskritam. Tutorials, songs, text books + more


@ONGC_ @CMD_ONGC has been doing amazing CSR work for Samskritam.

Hats off to the management and CSR team! True nation building..



h/t @patangaha

An excellent introductory course by Sri Chitrapur Math. Very well structured


h/t @baharampuri
Madras Sanskrit College runs an excellent structured Online course ‘संस्कृत प्रवेशिका’ for beginners.

The course covers all key introductory topics in an engaging manner.

An overview of the course and pedagogy -



IIT Kharagpur has 20 videos – An excellent introduction to Basic spoken Samskritam.

The teaching style of Prof. Anuradha Choudry is quite accessible to a beginner. Higly recommended as a starter kit to gain the basic understanding of Samskritam language

Check out youtu.be/NTfNiICq-Lc

Sanskrit.Today: Another good resource that provides a structured approach to learning Samskritam


Free Sanskrit Class videos at youtu.be/giDplHSKeoE


Many others are doing great work in introducing Samskritam to beginners

VYOMA LABS - 10 Lesson course “Getting Started with Sanskrit for Free”


They have also special topics like vibhakti that are usedul for beginners

Vibhakti; youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmo

The teaching quality is probably the BEST in the industry and Shri. Sowmya Krishnapur is incredible in her clarity, teaching style and effectiveness.

Overall OUTSTANDING ! Kudos.


There are nearly 400 videos that cover all the 4 courses

Click links for the BEGINNER’S course (PraveshaH) and SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube channel

HINDI medium: youtu.be/fuGNXKOVlHU

ENGLISH medium: youtu.be/f2TDL99obm4

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