For folks YET to start learning Samskritam, few highlights from the earlier screenshot of Mayamatam (by MayaMuni) re: leadership/org. structure/qualities of the architectural/engineering team led by the Sthapathi (स्धपतिः)

Now we have a better idea of the दverall sophistication!

The level of specification / details and the absolute quanta of knowledge stored and transmitted within the traditional framework is quite mindblowing. For example

Classical Indian town planning literature had very specific categorization/terminologies, whether it is within the Manasara, Samarangana or Mayamata.

That our municipalities are not following these is another issue🙏🏼



Even a superficial perusal of the Table Of Contents (TOCs) of any book dealing with Classic Indian Architecture/Town Planning shows extreme sophistication in Ontology/Taxonomy & the classification schema

Everything has its own place within a logical /philosophical framework !

And this one on town planning, roads and SOPs/guidelines and the sheer quantum of knowledge available right in front of us...


The भारतीय vision of the universal truth is embedded in everything- art, architecture, poetry or music

And Samskritam is the matrix + life force driving this breath-taking universal vision

पठतु संस्कृतम्। लिखतु संस्कृतम्। वदतु संस्कृतम्। जयतु भारतम्


All of which - we are incredibly lucky to continue to experience in our daily lives also....



And to see the universal principle deployed across all human endeavours - sheer genius!

All represented in संस्कृतम् as the embodiment of universal forms, sounds and meanings

लघु/गुरु/प्लुत matras...

Now Music... “Khanda Meru” —> just as in architecture

The ability to create a dizzying array of forms - with each and everyone of them reflecting the essential universal truth is something to behold


Characteristic of the भारतीय genius, this insight re: Matra/Chandas was deployed across multiple domains including prosody, music (raga) & even architecture

The fractal nature of temple design / house layouts is an example of deploying a ‘temporal’ sequence at a spatial level

As mentioned In the toot here, the Bharatiya genius realized the universality and importance of Matra / Chandas


The स्थपति (master builder) needed years of training in domains including drafting

The architectural / engineering knowledge was quite advanced

How did ancient Indians build these magnificent structures? A common doubt...

Our ancestors were scientists/artists of the highest level

The basic concept of छन्दस् deployed across multiple domains incl. architecture inform the fractal forms thus reflecting the universal भारतीय vision of सत्-चित्-आनन्दः

So, what is the moral of the story ?

There is no subsitute to reading our foundational texts in the original Samskritam

Learning Samskritam is easy...takes just 6 months to take off.

Get on the Samskritam bandwagon folks!

जयतु संस्कृतम्। जयतु भारतम्।


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