नमो नमः मित्राणि! मम प्रथमं टूट।

@yaajushi need to learn Sanskrit 🤔 to reply to this.

Well i can try translation

"Namaskar mitro Mera pahla toot"

Namaskar 🙏

@inditoot संस्कृतपाठनं मम प्रियं कार्यम् 😀

@yaajushi 🎉Your Sanskrit 😍👌 There are few people here who can speak Sanskrit too hope you know them. @Pvaal Can You reply in Sanskrit here.


@inditoot @yaajushi

Yes - there is an expanding bunch of Samskritaanuragis who are leveraging SM to reaffirm the central role of Samskritam within Bharat and make the devabhasha an integral fact of life in our shared future 💪🏽💪🏽

@Pvaal @yaajushi best of luck
get into contact with Agniveer they were also working on Something Similar

@inditoot @yaajushi
Can you create a tweet chain and then post in one go or you need to do it one by one?

@Pvaal @inditoot @yaajushi can we start inviting people from twitter to inditoot as personal request or message as a new trend

@bintips @Pvaal @yaajushi

That would be awesome
Yes, You can do that and You can also create invite links to send in DM.


@inditoot @bintips @Pvaal please tell me how to invite. Do I copy the link generated and individually invite people?

@yaajushi @bintips @Pvaal

Yes copy the link and send it to people you wanted to invite

@bintips @inditoot @yaajushi

Yaajushi bhagini is the right person for this initiative and has been a pioneer in twitter Samskritam 👍🏼🙏🏼

@Pvaal @bintips @inditoot थंकु वर्य! पायोनीयर नास्मि! मम पूर्वं बहवः आसन्।

करोमि 🙏

@yaajushi @bintips @inditoot

Pioneer definitely in using Samskritam anuvaada / translation to build a community 👍🏽

@yaajushi @Pvaal @bintips @inditoot
यस्मात् कतमा पदं प्रयोगः कुरुवन?

@saikanomie @Pvaal @bintips @inditoot मार्गशोधकः सम्यक् भासते।

किन्तु @Pvaal वर्येण आरम्भकर्त्री इति अर्थेन उपयुक्तम्।

@rivalslayer @saikanomie @Pvaal @bintips @inditoot सम्यक्। रैवळनाम्नैव शोभसे 😛

@yaajushi @rivalslayer @Pvaal @bintips @inditoot
यूयं सर्वे मार्गशोधकाः सन्ति

@saikanomie @rivalslayer @Pvaal @bintips @inditoot wait a sec. शोधनं means cleaning in sanskrit. It should be मार्गदर्शकः!

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