You want to learn Samskritam. Dive deeper into Bharatiya culture and Dharma. You are busy.

Can I learn Samskritam?

YES – it is QUICK and it is EASY.

How long will it take?

6 months to become familiar. 1 year to read comfortably and follow conversations.


How can I do It?

There are multiple paths.

I am going to share 7 different methods that are available to anyone across the world.

Your schedule is tough. You learn differently.

Does NOT matter…

Learn Samskritam When You Want It, Where You Want It!


You will find the right approach that will work for you

All you need is a “hunger to learn” and dedication.

This is going to be far, far, easier than you expect

Ask anyone who has learnt Samskritam over the past 2-3 years – you will hear the same message ..

नैव क्लिष्टा न च कठिना (neither tough nor difficult)

I am Evidence No 1 !


Show me HOW ?

I will share 7 options to get you started...NOW

Works across time, energy or money challenges

1.Structured Course
2. Learning by Speaking
3. Learning via Shlokas
4. Text Books
5. Websites
6. eLearning Apps and Tutoring
7. Comics


1: Structured Course

If you prefer a structured program to know and become comfortable with Samskritam, a guided “course-like” program may be the right approach for you!

This approach is actually the most popular and also has the maximum chance of success


Samskrita Bharati runs the most popular structured program in the world and is an excellent option.

It is available in 30+ countries and accessible from anywhere in the world.

You CANNOT go wrong here!

Check out the Samskrita Bharati India & USA websites here


Samskrita Bharati has 4 course levels, with optional exams and certifications.

Each course takes 6 months to complete and comes with
(a) Text Book with lesson plan
(b) YouTube videos for each lesson
(c) Optional live Webinars for answering doubts

The levels are
(a) PraveshaH
(b) ParichayaH
(c) Shiksha and
(d) Kovida.

In 2 years you can complete the entire course.

StartupSamskritam #8

By the end of year 1 you will be able to read, write and understand spoken Samskritam.

By year 2 you will be speaking….

Some of you may be starting to read Ramayana and Bhagavad Gita.

All of you hopefully will be tooting in Samskritam.


The exams are optional if you want to check progress.

The lessons are well designed and interesting.

This program is an excellent and smooth way to get started.

The fees are also quite nominal

Samskrita Bharati is today simply the best option to get you up and running. They hold your hand throughout the journey and keep you honest....The BEST IN CLASS

THUMBS UP....👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼


There are nearly 400 videos that cover all the 4 courses

Click links for the BEGINNER’S course (PraveshaH) and SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube channel

HINDI medium:

ENGLISH medium:


Many others are doing great work in introducing Samskritam to beginners

VYOMA LABS - 10 Lesson course “Getting Started with Sanskrit for Free”

They have also special topics like vibhakti that are usedul for beginners


The teaching quality is probably the BEST in the industry and Shri. Sowmya Krishnapur is incredible in her clarity, teaching style and effectiveness.

Overall OUTSTANDING ! Kudos.


IIT Kharagpur has 20 videos – An excellent introduction to Basic spoken Samskritam.

The teaching style of Prof. Anuradha Choudry is quite accessible to a beginner. Higly recommended as a starter kit to gain the basic understanding of Samskritam language

Check out

Sanskrit.Today: Another good resource that provides a structured approach to learning Samskritam

Free Sanskrit Class videos at



h/t @patangaha

An excellent introductory course by Sri Chitrapur Math. Very well structured

h/t @baharampuri
Madras Sanskrit College runs an excellent structured Online course ‘संस्कृत प्रवेशिका’ for beginners.

The course covers all key introductory topics in an engaging manner.

An overview of the course and pedagogy -



Check out ONGC’s comprehensive site for learning Samskritam. Tutorials, songs, text books + more

@ONGC_ @CMD_ONGC has been doing amazing CSR work for Samskritam.

Hats off to the management and CSR team! True nation building..



Kids learn a language by speaking – so can you!

Sanskrit Sansthan has 120+ videos that teach you by an easy “action method” and help you move from speaking simple to complex Samskritam sentences

Lesson 1:


Check out other ‘learning by hearing and speaking’ approaches


Rashtriya Samskrita Sanstha videos

Vaarta Sanskrit New by Doordarshan

Subscribe and enjoy..


Speaking method has many advantages – a natural learning style that is NOT via learning grammar first

You glide in smoothly and start understanding its rhythms and nuances

This is very effective and many people swear by this– you may soon be one of them!

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