We welcomed others, we were insulted, tortured, raped, murdered in our own land. We waited, we tolerated and we are reduced to begging for our own rights, in our own Motherland


Watch "Floating Rocks Of Ramappa Temple - Ancient Technology in India" on YouTube youtu.be/AP0TvEIDuqY
Feeling so proud of our ancestors after watching this

twitters big improvement theyve been teasing is shutting down the website

Tommy Robinson, sentenced to 9 months Jail for exposing Pakistani Muslim Grooming Gangs

The Leftist, Liberal, Mainstream media that shouts for Free speech on every incident where free speech is crushed, however cheered for his conviction and imprisonment.


Thumbs Down to Facebook’s Cryptocurrency. Only a fool would trust Facebook with his or her financial wellbeing:
We need more competition! Check here how you can leave Google & Facebook behind: tutanota.com/blog/posts/how-to Stop data mining. 😃❤️

@inditoot @Amrit @ramparmar @akarshanbiswas @TrueIndology we must connect soon. The mistake is on my side. I've been promising indi amd not keeping up with it. I need to make some time for this... for us.

@Reachnmn @ramparmar @akarshanbiswas @TrueIndology Hindus do donate/ do charity but not exclusively for restoring dharma. That's the problem. Most elite class Hindus don't even care for dharma 😞 Congis gotten us rid of our varna system & made us colonial clerks who're gud for nothing

@Amrit @ramparmar @akarshanbiswas @TrueIndology I think we need to put together a plan to become economincally sound.. if you observe rws/patriots don't have a suplortive ecosystem. We need to create one that will also help us and our kind.

@Amrit @akarshanbiswas time to create a YouTube channel or podcast to revive it... or get @TrueIndology for it.

@inditoot we have to come down to streets. I have participated in protests when goddess Andal, our Krishna were abused by the dravidianists.

Hindu society doesn't seem to have any other choice. I haven't even been able to bring unity. Dravidian, Tamil identities have brought many people together.

@inditoot on the other hand, no one cares for religion in TN. May be the case is same in Rajasthan as well. But we can't keep waiting for significant amt of people to join us. Even if it's going to be solo or with fewer members, we have to protest / fight / raise our voice.

Hi, i am new here, hope @inditoot becomes more powerful and rivals twitter

@Reachnmn @Mauna

Thinking to write a report on it and send it to PMO but dont know where to start.

writhing a reprt why we should and government should stop using western tech gaints and switch to self hosted solution.

गणपति बाप्पा मोरया ! शुभ सकाळ मित्रांनो !

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