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Everyone here on Https:// screaming keep fascism out of here is a fascist 😜πŸ€ͺ

So 101 was the peak and new Corona cases have come down. In the last 24 hours there have been 75 new cases as per the centre. The lockdown may not immediately decrease new cases but it will plateau over the next few days & then begin a decline. Next would be treatment focus !

So looks like India has handled the pandemic the best. World over PM's efforts have been applauded but ... Anyways πŸ–• to them ! Feel proud that we have Modi as PM in these troubled times !!

For guys saying even marquee stocks have fallen & then go on to say Bajaj Finance is down 40%... It's only down 3% from a year ago! For those who say HUL is down 20%... From a year ago it's up 7%!! Basically there was so much froth in the market the first leg has still not put away the froth. This downfall is actually still to set in !!

Hmm. We are at 8000 on the Nifty and everyone is in a panic! We could got below 4000. Then what?

Now this looks like a bear market. Confirmed. Some folks are saying they have never seen this kinda markets. Arre everyone has seen just that they don't want to acknowledge. Anyway wait till Nifty goes below 5000 and then take a hard look. The phrase "Cash is king" was never better. My only regret... I could have sold my house abhi koi Nahin kareedega πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Well temples like Tirumala bring in lot of money and create jobs & infrastructure. Some people don't understand this !

Folks are calling this Equity correction a meltdown, collapse, crash, etc. But it looks more like a correction to me & my reasoning is simple. Firstly in a crash volumes are heavy since everyone is trying to quit but on Friday when the lower circuit was hit volumes were just about 3000 crores ! Next most blue chips or marquee stocks fall like 9 pins. HUL which fell over 60% in the last crash has fallen just 12%! Even HDFC Bank is down just 17%. So sit back & relax rill market does not signal.

4 terrorists get 72 boots each and some Hizbul Mujahedeen terrorist leader is crying that their back is broken and they are demoralised. But many are still protesting abolishing of article 370!

Imagine these guys are pretending knowledge on and Chief Sexy has no better work than to address these idiots! What a total waste of time especially when there is a breakout of Corona virus !

The lady left before the husband was tested but these guys will peddle any nonsense with verifying if it meets the criteria & then others wonder why there is no credibility with these guys !

But we still pay less now for Petrol & Diesel than we used to under UPA. So banner is right !! No matter what the reason!!

So now Kotak, HDFC, ICICI & Axis will invest in Yes Bank. What a deal these guys are getting!! 75% of their stake will be locked for 3 years. Now take the case of HDFC investing 1000 crores. For this they will get 100 crore shares out of which 75% is locked. So they can sell 25 crore shares immediately. Now stock is trading at 25.55. so even at 25 a share bank will make 625 crores for its 25 crore shares. So effectively remaining 75 crore shares cost it 375/75 or Rs. 5 / share! Whattaydeal!!

Well @thewire still keeps peddling lies. Both Hindus & Muslims were affected in Delhi but this liar makes one think only Muslims were attacked !

Every voter's mind is sought to be rigged by Political Parties and politicians but Cards Bhai's website can only think of Hindus. This is also called Hinduphobia ==>

Hmm. Just went over to mastodon & looks like almost all commies & Islamists have just deserted it. Very sad after this guy was enthusiastic about them coming over and even banned a few IDs (including mine) on their demand. Now the guy toots and after 4 hours toots again with no toots in between. What a sorry state of affairs !

Here :

Wow so Muslims & Commies think withdrawing 55 lakhs will bring down PSU banks πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ

What @thewire commies won't tell you is every political party tries to rig the minds of its voters. That is where ideology comes in. Be it Muslims who get treated as vote banks or commies who try to create their own violently trying to finish off others physically the latest being Mamata Banerjee & Trinamool Congress. So BJP will also try to & that is politics. What is wrong is morons trying to say only one kind rigs while the others are doodh se dhula !!

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