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Everyone here on Https:// screaming keep fascism out of here is a fascist 😜🤪

So now the High Court of Delhi has told Delhi Police to try and remove the protestors from Shaheen Bagh. Last time something like this happened in Delhi Congress was in power. Within days the protestors were forcibly removed with scores injured & atleast one old lady losing her life & the only thing Congress supporters could remember was Ramdev trying to run away in women's clothes. How things change!

To me I don't have a problem with anything... Calling Modi names... Flying Pakistani flags... Holding up Free Kashmir placards... Holding anti CAA stir though anti NRC stir sounds ridiculous pending a draft but I draw aline when violence comes. That happened in JNU by commies!

RT [email protected]: Listen to this lady student from JNU explain how members of Left leaning student’s union targeted students, including those affiliated to ABVP, who wanted to register for the next academic session... Don’t miss the bit about Priyanka Vadra! Despicable.

So now everyone has begun admitting transition to mastodon failed. This is what happens when you let only one ideology in

Muslims who are protesting crossed the line & this is what happened. Everyone has a right to protest. That doesn't mean you forcibly close shops & indulge in violence. The reaction will be sharp as seen here

Hmm... Did you know CAA was there during Swami Vivekananda's time? He thinks so 😂😂

One thing is for sure... @Mayawati still thinks she owns the dalit vote bank... Since most of the folks who will be granted citizenship under are dalits... and is making a play for the Muslim vote again. If BJP plays it smartly... Which they seldom do... They could be unbeatable!!

Frankly nothing is at stake for the Muslims specifically. They are as much affected as the Hindus. Only negligible Hindus benefit from . As for NRC rest of the Hindus are on par with Muslims. So whats the real issue? Muslim hate for Hindus @INCIndia somehow wants to tap into!

This @_sabanaqvi spews so much poison! She keeps saying NRC will come & it will affect Muslims. Then she asks what bout Srilankan Tamils... Well moron under NRC they will be treated the same way as any other including Muslims. So now you tell us how NRC is against Muslims!

So many days after CAA came into existance 8 people have been given citizenship in Kits, Rajasthan. Something for which so many Muslims indulged in violence & over 2 dozen died. So time for those morons indulging in violence to rethink !!

Meaning in Hindi has so beautiful words
Eg. - अभिप्राय, अर्थात
So correct word for meaning is as above not the urdu word 'Matlab'

Toot 10

So Jharkhand lo pat by BJP. Good for nothing Govt did next to nothing!

So looks like even commies have now stepped back from CAA protests seeing violence by the Muslims. Now only Muslims are protesting while commies are supporting it in the studios. Congress has become an orphan. It is supporting buy nobody is now supporting the Congress.

Somebody tell her Indian population is over 125 crores 🤪🤪

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