सर्वेभ्यो नमः । पर्वणः शुभाशयाः

@agnibhu Sorry bro. I can't understand this. I mean, America Deshe I assume means, American or something. But what's asmi?

@BugmanExtraordinaire It is Sanskrit. I'd encourage you to learn, it's quite easy these days.

@agnibhu I've never really had an interest in Sanskrit. Its importance i exaggerated. The earliest buddhist canon interests me more than a lot of Sanskrit texts. Have you reached a high level of proficiency ie can you read any classical works in Sanskrit?

@BugmanExtraordinaire @agnibhu

Every person ploughs his own lonely furrow and to each his own and all that but...

Samskritam is THE vehicle for the sum total of a minimum of 2500 + years of recorded intellectual achievement in India

Pali and Prakrit canon does exist, but nowhere close to the sheer volume of work across all intellectual spheres available via Samskritam

@Pvaal @agnibhu Hopefully all these classic languages are preserved in universities and that scholars and theologians continue studying them. Probably a more pressing issue is that a growing number of Indians speak no language at all. They speak limited broken Hindi, totally broken English, and maybe their mother tongue also in a limited fashion, and they mix it up into unintelligible trash that makes its way into films that nobody wants to watch anymore.
But maybe that's just my pet peeve.

@BugmanExtraordinaire You'd be surprised how little "universities" have to do with all this. The traditional system of Sanskrit learning/teaching is alive (though not quite as well as it should be), and there's an increasing trend towards people who're either self taught or learn from orgs like Samskrita Bharati. The *average* university grad in Sanskrit can't hold a simple conversation for five minutes, but the upper 10 percentile do quite well. You can see the beginnings of independent research that will eventually challenge western academia.
Indians not speaking their mother tongues well is another problem [email protected]

@agnibhu @BugmanExtraordinaire

Agree. The number of ‘english medium’ Indians picking up Samskritam through organizations like Samskrita Bharati and others is really starting to accelerate. The formal school/university structures are actually miserably failing in this goal.

@BugmanExtraordinaire Depends on what you mean by "high level of proficiency". I am better than most college grads in Sanskrit actually are, but in reality only as good as a high school grad *ought to be*.
Yes, I have read much of Kalidasa and other classical works, and parts of the Mahabharata and Ramayana.

@BugmanExtraordinaire It's a lot easier to go from Sanskrit to Pali than the other way round (the transformation is lossy). As for "unimportant", most of the Buddhist canon was available in Sanskrit at one point. Pali being the dominant Theravada language today is an accident of history (Buddhaghosha) and Geography (Sri Lanka being sufficiently remote from Islamic conquests)

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