@inditoot BTW we need that video in Hindi as well. I don't think everyone will understand that accent. :/

@akarshanbiswas hmm I will try but I am not able to reduce Noise cheap earphones 🙄


@inditoot Please if anyone can do it, It will be great for our community.

@akarshanbiswas @inditoot

Video can auto-translate for Hindi subtitles too.
1. Click on settings button on video (see image 2)
2. Click 'Subtitles/CC'
3. Choose 'Auto-Translate'
4. Choose Hindi

and you're done,
video has auto-generated hindi subtitles
#mastodon #inditoot :mastodon: :thumbsup_hmn_b1:


@dru18 @inditoot Do you understand that never works. I don't trust the auto translator subtitles on YouTube. I want someone with a good voice who can dub in our languages.

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