Every mastodon id is in the form <username>@server.domain just like an email address. In mastodon you actually don't need followers to share your toot(tweet). Each member of any server can communicate and follow users of another server(actually called an instance).

As you can see unlike tweeter, Mastodon has decks, Each deck show specific toots. The "Home" shows toots from user who you follow, "Local timeline" shows toots from users who are present on this server(instance) i.e In "Federated timeline", it shows toots from users across the world.

The notifications are shown on a separated deck, which also serve for others like previewing a profile. I recommend you to keep this deck visible and close to where you compose the toot.

Each deck settings can be revealed by clicking on 3 line(settings) icon on it's top right of any deck. Upon clicking it shows settings(screenshot attached). The deck can be moved using the arrow keys(in right bottom)

This is profile settings. Here you can set your name, Bio and your avatar. You can access it by going to the link:

I recommend you to set your profile accordingly.

And ya, You can set a header photo too. In my case it's the ocean. Avatar is the profile picture.

Now comes notifications. Every notification will be on a special deck.

Notifications has its own settings. You can control which setting you want to receive and in what form. They are available as toggle switches. The setting can be opened in the same way as other decks, i.e click on the top right corner of any deck.

Now comes Fediverse: This is where the magic happens, Open source twitter(mastodon) users can share and follow an open source Youtube(peertube) users without any sweat. It is a collection of decentralized, federated networks which are compatible because they are based on ActivityPub protocol.

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