Hello 50 years old kid Pappu @RahulGandhi have your party workers worked as volunteers ever anywhere in the country?? Last time when it was flood in Gujarat your leaders were enjoying in 5 star resort. BTW how is session in UK going on? Met ISI? 😏😏😡 t.co/yN9Y5N9IJS

@CPRaghav I am not happy with modi either the whole minority scholarship thing😠

@inditoot Because you can't see what is there behind the curtain!👍

@CPRaghav ohh well that is another truth 🙄 and I also don't know chunri ke piche kya Hai? 😝 Ye toh bahut bdi baate hai


@dru4 @CPRaghav 😨 Hme toh Ye bhi nhi pta ki choli Hai ya chunri 😤

@inditoot @CPRaghav

NDTV wala Ravish Kumar ya fir Dhruv Rathee hi bata saskta hai 😜​

@inditoot @CPRaghav
wo to khud jaldi kar rahe honge, amit shah se vyawastha bigad gai dono ki

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