#inditoot dev update

Implemented highly experimental #trends on a single column layout.

When sys admin has to do a web developer's work!

p.s Server is running on a localhost so trends is empty/ or due to an error which I need to find out. As I said its highly experimental for now.

Oh that's right duh!

method=GET path=/api/v1/trends format=html controller=ApplicationController action=raise_not_found status=404 duration=9.06 view=1.30 db=1.29

I have re added this missing trends in api/v1.

Logs are fine now but still need testing.

Glitch flavor is untouched!

@snder Nope. I haven't touched it. Way too much work.

@snder It needs testing. Doesn't show any trends in localhost.

If trends starts to work maybe I have to port it to the glitch flavor as well. Multi column Trends are from gled
s trends and it is not showing so don't know.

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