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Just completed 'You' on Netflix and thought of changing my social media profiles to private. But then i realised who the fk would wanna stalk me? :nyssa:

Exam was at 9:00, i woke up at 8:57. Still i can do it as i only know the stuff worth 1 hr.
Tooting at 9:24 :nyssa:
This is called _____ .

Aj exam hai. Muje kuch nhi ata. But mai abhi 2 bje soke and fir subh 6 bje utke sb cover up kr luga.
Ise khte hai ______ .
Fill in the blank. :nyssa:

This is how I used to or am still parting my notebooks for diffrent subjects.
This is the most satisfying moment i spend with a notebook. :nyssa:

If my ex was a snack, she would be cheatos.

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Gonna tell my kids:
Game of thrones was based on Maharashtra elections. :nyssa:

After what happened in Maharashtra, Let's celebrate 22Nov as 'November Fools Day' from now. :nyssa:

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