*हिंदुओ जाग जाओ,*
*मुर्दों की कोई फिक्र नहीं करता..*

*देखों भाइयो पेड़ो के कटने पर भी खबर बनती है,*

*तुम्हारे कटने पर पत्ता भी नहीं हिलता..!*

@inditoot we are 1200 here. We can make a difference. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

@srinath its just becoming a horror dream, Soon everyone gonna send there shit on whatsapp. facebook gonna make money of it.

I can see whatsapp make alot of connection with facebook which dont even needed.

better to move to open source platform

अब हर घर भगवा छाएगा, जय श्री राम का गूंज निकलेगा।

At last majority of Hindus had shown unity by breaking out of caste barriers.

I hope exit polls hold true on 23rd and Congress is decimated. Also hope they do some soul searching after that and kick out the toxic Nehru family and a new leadership emerges from the grassroots. India badly needs a song opposition party to ensure BJP is kept in its toes and doesn't slack in power

Here is a link to Trueindology's Wordpress profile. Interested may have a look at the contents.

Small extract from Kapil Mishra's recent explosive interview. Muslim people should watch.

Apparently this pamphlet is being circulated in East Delhi.

I live there and my vote is for @GautamGambhir rather than Mar(x)Len(in)a. That and could stage some silly EVM hacked drama demonstrates their low IQs. So wouldn't be surprised if this is the brainchild of AAP itself

Hum hongey kaamyaab
Hum hongey kaamyaab ek din
Man mein hai vishwas..pura hai vishwas...
Bachpan mein sikhi hui ye lines bade hote hote kyun bhul gaye hum 😭​
Trying to stay motivated now ..though its a difficult task still I'm sure..Hum hongey kaamyaab ek din..!

Rahul Gandhi funny compilation, Rafael fraud scam amount changes in every rally.😄😄😄😄
And some intellectual fools wants this clown to be their Prime Minister 😋

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