Question. Is Asad Umar in or out? Another list came out today hinting he is in 😂 😂

That besides, how sensible is it to conduct elections in April and May? I can guarantee you the sweltering heat is one of the reasons why voting is down in cities

Just noticed a few things yesterday regd voting.
1. Voted in TN, didn't understand a single character - everything is in Tamil
2. Verification is taking time
May be it makes sense if you diversify voting methods like mobile apps etc


Indeed it's fun to toot-toot,
With fellow Indics at Inditoot,
The UI is easy,
It looks quite pleasy, 👍👍
That it'll be popular, is a point moot.
Happy to be on @inditoot.

🙏 🙏

Congratulations on successful launch of ’s satellite, dubbed "Indian Angry Bird", from . This is the 17th mission & last launch of ISRO for year 2018-will be a big filip to India's Defence capabilities- boosting military communications & drone operations

One of the best arguments I heard over Sabarimala - If you believe in Ayyappa, you will also believe that he is in a Naishtika Brahmacharya Vrata. The question asked is, what ever the Vrata is, what right have you got to break the Vrata if a person following it?

@inditoot would be cool if you make a video on how to use inditoot. I like the whole feel of this as a twitter alternative.

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