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Some notes on Lok Sabha 2019 results in Kerala

So what happened? How did BJP end up with 0 MPs in Kerala despite the political climate being ripe for the lotus to bloom? There are many narratives. But for me the reliable story is the one from numbers


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If you are bothered by the ideologically motivated censorship by the Big Tech, open source Twitter alternative, Mastodon and its application for Indian users @inditoot might interest you


After the election results, the tourism department has added a new attraction to visit in Delhi.

Lok Sabha elections: Things this mandate taught us. Read complete story here:

Money can't buy Janta ka love

Lok Sabha elections: Richest candidate loses his deposit.

Read complete story here:

Wishlist for Modi 2.0 cabinet
Shivraj mamaji
Jay Panda
Smriti Irani

Don't want
RS Prasad
Harsh Vardhan

This is called commitment to a cause. 😂😂😂😂😂
Man faked being deaf and dumb for 62 years to avoid listening to his wife |

Congress spokesperson says they lost in 2014 because they didn't have pliable media except a few like Burkha Dutt. On Burkha's show


I hope exit polls hold true on 23rd and Congress is decimated. Also hope they do some soul searching after that and kick out the toxic Nehru family and a new leadership emerges from the grassroots. India badly needs a song opposition party to ensure BJP is kept in its toes and doesn't slack in power

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