My weekends are usually lazy. But this past weekend was different. It was intellectually exhilarating. For I discovered the ideology of Ayn Rand. I had heard the name before but hadn't really read or thought about her. That her philosophy isn't yet dominating the world is a travesty. But we are firmly moving towards a world dominated by leftist authoritarianism, aided to a large extent by leftists at Big Tech like Twitter, FB, Google. This is what makes platforms like Mastodon ever more relevant

True and with decentralization No big company are controlling them.
although there is a global ideological shift taking place We can see right wing government in India,Japan,Britain,Germany and America,Europe.
I think people are fed up with leftist government and there way of working usually appesment politics and talking about victmization and minority bullshit.
Hope more Indian get aware of it and start using it.

@chalat I am working to make people aware of the issue these big giant are.
If everything goes good with this, I am going to launch Few more alternative for instagram and Whatsapp.🤔

Although nice to see you using Pinafore 😊

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