48 days since ModiSarkaar 2.0 took office.
Ram Lalla is still in a plastic tent.
Article 370 is still legal.
Sabarimala is still waiting justice.

@Amrit @inditoot I might be totally wrong but from my analysis the only thing Modi, Shah care about is winning and staying in power. They'll do anything for that and will only do what is required for that. And won't do anything that can endanger that. So they'll not touch Hindu issues unless that's

@Amrit @inditoot going to impact elections. But if they get even a small hint that inaction on these issues will cost an election, even a small state, they'll act in the blink of an eye. So it's upto us Hindus to bring them in line. Otherwise keep waiting some more.

@chalat @inditoot That's precisely my viewpoint too. They've tasted the power now. They knw v well most Muslim women voted fr them n maybe few men too. Now they need full support of Muslims to remain in power. They see Hindus see as Rashtrabhakts who in no way vll vote to RaGa. So they know

@chalat @inditoot Their 2024 is safe. Did u notice how before electns Modi went to Ayodhya Varanasi Kedarnath etc & totally turned practicing Hindu n immediately post electns embraced Secularism. The same he practiced in 2014 also. Bhakts r sending memes how he stopped Hajj Subsidy, CCTV in Madarsaa

@chalat @inditoot But same ranting was done in 2014 also. Dunno how Hindus forgetting history so soon. And 1 imp thing in all this Hindu Muslim drama...3rd class Xtians are getting all their jobs done in convenience v quietly staying away frm limelight. Hindus shdnt vote modi to power again

@chalat @inditoot I really wish stupid Congress gets some good guy to contest against Modi so that Modi Shah duo know if they don't perform b4 electns theyll lose it vd big margin

@chalat @Amrit @inditoot
I remember when BJP came to power in 2014 there were continuously attacks from opposition alongwith propagandas.

At the moment that appears to the so again.

Truthfully BJP's current slowness with their election promises needs either a better opposition or an election.

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