Normally, this study should mark the death of non-sense perpetrated on our civilization by the name of Aryan invasion theory. But knowing how intellectually dishonest our JNU-type historians are, they'll ignore all this evidence and continue to peddle their divisive propaganda

Genome analysis of a skeleton dating to Indus Valley Civilization that was found in has been published.

Genome of nearly 5000-year-old woman links modern Indians to ancient civilization| Science | AAAS

@Amrit 😊 interesting. Can you write left handed now if you try?

Article: Left-handed DNA found - and it changes brain structure

Wishing everyone an auspicious and blessed Ganesh Chathurthi/Vinayaka Chavithi

1960s and 70s was a period in American politics when Left became Right and Right became Left. I believe a similar inversion is currently going on in India. Read my new blog post to know more.

Is this a period of ideological inversion in India?

@Amrit @inditoot going to impact elections. But if they get even a small hint that inaction on these issues will cost an election, even a small state, they'll act in the blink of an eye. So it's upto us Hindus to bring them in line. Otherwise keep waiting some more.

@Amrit @inditoot I might be totally wrong but from my analysis the only thing Modi, Shah care about is winning and staying in power. They'll do anything for that and will only do what is required for that. And won't do anything that can endanger that. So they'll not touch Hindu issues unless that's

48 days since ModiSarkaar 2.0 took office.
Ram Lalla is still in a plastic tent.
Article 370 is still legal.
Sabarimala is still waiting justice.

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11+ Minor girls were raped (killed in some cases) in last 1 month.

The Bollywood celebs with placards and Left Liberal Activists have gone into hibernation mode for indefinite period.

Why this selective outrage against one horrific rape & shameful silence against another?

Watch "Why Does Mumbai Flood Every Year? | How a City Works" on YouTube

Watch "Why Indian Truck Drivers Get Their Trucks Painted" on YouTube

@mu future of a civilization can't b left at the mercy of a politician, party
they are by electoral compulsions required to be opportunistic
Result of doing that is what we saw earlier with congress and now with BJP, mullah appeasement and taking Hindu vote for granted
Sooner we realize this better

@mu I don't know who you are talking about because I haven't seen any such messages during elections from supporters of core agenda or Hindu charter that I know. But tell me how is criticizing BJP a proof of cluelessness.

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