I just donated 2399 Karma points to Trees for Rural Communities, Chintamani, Karnataka @GOQii

P.S. if it helps use Magic pin to buy an bookmyshow voucher at 50% cost. Jai Hind

I think we should do ghost booking for the movie The Tashkent Files. It should stay in theatres for atleast 2 more weeks. You can book the lowest cost ticket for the movie in any theatre in your city. I have booked it in Pune for this week

Is anybody interested in reading the Mitrokhin Archives II pertaining to India? If Yes, then I will post snapshots of the same.

Reality of Media 👇Hide the truth and push there propoganda

They have started a new page हिंदु युवा नेतृत्व (Hindu Yuva Netrutva). If anybody can guide them, it will be great help

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