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When you're sad and someone gift you a smile book on your birthday 😂 👊 😠

toot toot 🎺 🎺 make some noise 📢

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libra is centralized and its not blockchain

Libra, with Facebook's dominance, has the power to replace fiat currency

With their commitments to push Libra across the world, governments across the world won't like it very much

It gives FB and othr tech giants power to interfere a country's economy

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What is up with these spambots on the Fedi lately? First women are, and now this.

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@NarendraModi You used an Fake email account to verify your account, I am sorry I have to suspend your account.

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0 is like a ball of clay

and now you can experiment a lot on this ball (0).

You can make 1 - 9 from it

You can make A - z from it

or you can change it's properties using chemicals like color and hardness.

[🖼 :thaenkin:]​ What is a thread [🖼 :indi:]​❓

[🖼 :thinkergunsunglasses:]​ Jab ham kuchh logon ki panchayat me apni raay rakh saken to aisi panchayat ko 'Thread' kahate hain. 👍​

bolo jai shree raam 🚩 🙏

Why most of the politicians don't support really to bring a fast track code to give capital punishment for rascals ❓

Because most of them knows so much about their own sons.

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how much media worldwide shouted "terror accused Sadvi" when she stood for election in Bhopal.
yet why was she terror accused & even tortured?
Because her opponent (& others) wanted it so, not because she was guilty.

Media can really distort things badly.
Luckily Indians can't be easily influenced.

[🖼 :thinkhappy:]​ Thandi chay ☕ pine ka bhi ek time ke baad maza aane lagta hai.

ab aise logon ko busy kahoge ya alasi 🤭​

Add your short blogs on this github-pages website to practice your Git [🖼 :git:]​ and GitHub [🖼 :github:]​ exercises.

Modi ke haath ki bani special minority chai (green tea) 🍵

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is saal ke sabse bade fun 🐍 car sam pitroda aajkal sunaai 👂 nahi pad rahe [🖼 :linus:]

Search and replace all in one command using Vim [🖼 :vim:]

First hit shift + : and run the following command

:%s/old phrase/new phrase/g

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Hello 50 years old kid Pappu @RahulGandhi have your party workers worked as volunteers ever anywhere in the country?? Last time when it was flood in Gujarat your leaders were enjoying in 5 star resort. BTW how is session in UK going on? Met ISI? 😏😏😡

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