Once again disappoint , Poll percentage below 50%. 😣

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Good Thursday Evening to all!
Have a blessed day with Darshana of Sree Guru Ragavendra 🙏🏼

are in Market, but, prices have hit the skies..
Couple years of used to get 4 kgs for ₹100/- this year ₹100/- just for 4 😭

Only hope the prices will come down once there is ample supply in Market.

@DRDO_India @PMOIndia @DefenceMinIndia on successful test of "A-Sat Missile",
indeed a great day for India & it's space program.

Entering into the elite club of nations having Anti-Satillite Missile.

This is

This home- bound sun makes a beautiful silhouette of this tree.

This 🌲 seems to be in a hurry, it's shed leaves ahead of other trees in the vicinity..

Finally in the Election year Modi Government listens to middle class by raising income-tax limit from 2.5L to 5L..

Some are cribbing that it should have been done in earlier years, I would say it's always better late than never...

India all out for a meager score of 92 against NZ in their 4th ODI..

Will this match go way!?

"Children's Marks Card shouldn't become Parent's Visiting card"

what P.M. Modiji has said is absolutely right. isn't!?

now travel between & in 4.5 hours , new yeshwantpur shivamogga JanShatabdi train from Feb 3 .

Sure, this will help commuters in a big way.

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ISRO To Introduce Kerolox Powered Semi-Cryogenic Engine, Enhanced Fuel Loading To Increase Payload Capacity

Discuss: redd.it/akkza7

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Modi Govt files Writ Petition in Supreme court to give undisputed acquired land 60 Acres to start construction of Ram Mandir.

Jai Shree Ram.

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