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Sources: Parliamentary Committee on Information Technology has passed a resolution unanimously that they will not meet any Twitter officials until senior members or CEO of the Twitter Global team depose before the Committee. 15 days deadline has been given to Twitter.

This 🌲 seems to be in a hurry, it's shed leaves ahead of other trees in the vicinity..

Finally in the Election year Modi Government listens to middle class by raising income-tax limit from 2.5L to 5L..

Some are cribbing that it should have been done in earlier years, I would say it's always better late than never...

India all out for a meager score of 92 against NZ in their 4th ODI..

Will this match go way!?

"Children's Marks Card shouldn't become Parent's Visiting card"

what P.M. Modiji has said is absolutely right. isn't!?

now travel between & in 4.5 hours , new yeshwantpur shivamogga JanShatabdi train from Feb 3 .

Sure, this will help commuters in a big way.

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ISRO To Introduce Kerolox Powered Semi-Cryogenic Engine, Enhanced Fuel Loading To Increase Payload Capacity


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Modi Govt files Writ Petition in Supreme court to give undisputed acquired land 60 Acres to start construction of Ram Mandir.

Jai Shree Ram.

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I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use. - Galileo Galilei #famous #quotes

@inditoot do we have a App on Google Play Store yet!?

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"Padma Shree Sh. Shabbir Sayyad: His Father used to run cattle slaughter house but then they became Guasevaks. Sh. Sayyad's family is taking care of 165 cows right now (Hindi News)"


to all my fellow countrymen..💐🇮🇳
Let's take this opportunity to Salute Our Armed forces for being there for us always & pay our respects to "Amar Jawan" for their ultimate sacrifice for the country.

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