RT @[email protected]: We turned a dead Muslim chor into a martyr, and now we have turned a martyred Hindu into a dead chor. And Sanghis think they defeated us early this year. LOL.

RT @[email protected]: Kamlesh Tiwari asked for it. He shouldn't have insulted Prophet. Calling prophet a gay is a huge insult. Such deaths don't bother us.

I am a liberal supporting free speech. I am a liberal supporting dignity dignity to gays.

RT @[email protected]: There is no such thing as an "atheist mojlem," but there sure are gullible Hindus and morons in general who believe such bald faced lies. t.co/dBOxg1bJ5U

RT @[email protected]: When Piyush Goyal called NYAY a rejected idea, Liberals criticised saying it was Nobel Winner Abhijit Banerjee's idea.

Now Abhijit himself says NYAY wasn't well designed and he doesn't take responsibility of it. t.co/6N98dbFF71

RT @[email protected]: Kamlesh Tiwari’s statement was “extreme provocation”, but MF Hussain’s nude paintings of Hindu goddesses were an expression of art. 👍🏻 t.co/06K6kcTy1I

RT @[email protected]: Congress spokesperson from Haryana says, Congress ke satta me aane pr Bharat Mata ki Jai Nahi chalegi, Sonia Gandhi ki Jai chalegi, Hudda ki ki jai chalegi t.co/spUV2L8vhN

RT @[email protected]: Watch: CCTV footage of when Ashfaq and Moinuddin checked into Lucknow hotel and left before murdering Kamlesh Tiwari t.co/wWnZBLCCx2

RT @[email protected]: I have been on many debates with this terror supporter, he believes deserved his throat Slit & shot.

This is the view of these people on TV, imagine what they say when alone with own crowd.

This is the reality “Liberals” won’t show you.

Be Vigilant. Always. t.co/lSw2Myt3QB

RT @[email protected]: Burhan Wani, Hizbul's Poster Boy.

By Peerzada Ashiq.

, Saffron fringe group leader.

By Omar Rashid.

News Paper THE HINDU. t.co/BzrXNi9O36

RT @[email protected]: You guessed it right. When NDTV hides behind "men", it's easy to guess culprits. Mohd Yasin & Sheikh Abdullah t.co/ngHfuhiWZk

RT @[email protected]: Holy Quran 33:57: "Those who abuse Allah & His Messenger, Allah has cursed them in this world & the Hereafter & prepared for them a humiliating punishment"

Let those Muslims who advocate to the contrary have the guts to say they don't believe in the order of the almighty Allah. t.co/WuXAuP9VMt

RT @[email protected]: Details till now from Gujrat ATS: Maulana Mohsin, Mohammed Faisal and Rashid Pathan arrested in the conspiracy of . Rashid came from Dubai for this task. Plot was being hatched for two months.

RT @[email protected]: Mohammad Shafiq chopped off his second wife's tongue due to quarrel in UP's Muzaffarpur.

Ironically, Media 'Aaj Tak' hid the name of the accused in its headline & added Karwa Chauth, suggesting that Hindu man cut his wife's tongue on Karwa Chauth.

This is Secular media for you. t.co/fCuz9y21Uk

RT @[email protected]: What the hell, Hindu Mahasabha Leader Kamlesh Tiwari shot dead.

He was in jail for alleged “blasphemy” laws against Prohpet Mohammed.

This is Secular India!!

RT @[email protected]: As I attend , I am ashamed that we have failed to come together to officially recognize the during the Islamic occupation of

No memorial

No museum

No mention in history textbooks

Nada t.co/tKN1ld20DW

RT @[email protected]: A reader sent me these pics from his child’s grade 3 text book. See the propaganda, Easter is about sharing and helping the poor, Deepawali is about ‘making noise’ n pollution. Satsang is about making noise. This is how they turn generations of Hindu kids into deracinated Hindus. t.co/pyF9ZsVk02

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