“He had befriended a Muslim woman in the UK on Twitter. The woman spoke against Hindu gods in one of her conversations on Twitter. In reply, Vishnu tweeted something against the Prophet. He was arrested on June 7, 2018. On September 13, he was given a five-year jail term and a penalty of 1.5 lakh Saudi Riyal. His sentence was increased to 10 years on January 24,” Vishnu’s father was quoted.

"Tweet against Prophet Mohammed lands a Kerala youth in Saudi jail for 10 year"

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"Rs 6.5 crore recovered in UP from 8,500 fake, ineligible rural housing PM Awas Yojana beneficiaries"

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"India needs to fight the syndemic on a war footing; Increased temperature and freak weather events will also reduce nutritional value of crops and reduce agricultural productivity. An ICAR study said 1/5 Indian districts are already susceptible to climate change impacts."

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"‘Superbug’ first identified in Delhi surfaces in Arctic region; It is yet to be determined how the NDM-1 gene was found in the Arctic, but scientists said that such spreading is not unusual and can happen even due to migratory birds in cases of areas where human population is low."

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"As polls near, dons and gangsters race for tickets in Uttar Pradesh; Most of Uttar Pradesh’s gangsters want a finger in the electoral pie and are actively campaigning for tickets to contest the general elections."

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"Day after Rafale ‘secrets’ jibe, Rahul Gandhi meets Manohar Parrikar in Goa; Congress president Rahul Gandhi met Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar at his office on Tuesday."

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"UP’s Yogi government to spruce up Parsi cemetery that has grave of Rahul Gandhi’s grandfather; Some BJP leaders admitted that the issue would be played up in public meetings in and around Prayagraj ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha polls."

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"Trinamul MLA threatens to shut Bengal post office if it handles Ayushman letters containing enrolment cards for the scheme, from which chief minister Mamata Banerjee has announced a pullout."

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"Delhi High Court dismisses PIL seeking directions to the Centre and Delhi state to hold a thorough investigation in the incidents of sexual abuses of children and nuns by catholic clergies, by a SIT or Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) under the supervision of this Court."

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"Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal discovers a new low, asks parents to vote for AAP if they love their children"

>My sister got a call from AAP saying that BJP has removed our families names from the voter's list since they feel we wont vote for them.

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"Madhya Pradesh govt to withdraw ‘false’ conversion cases. "We will review only false cases of conversion and cases in which Christian community members were booked for taking part in protests," Madhya Pradesh Law Minister P C Sharma said."

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""PUBG-Wala Hai Kya," PM Modi Asked A Mother. Audience Was In Splits"

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"Ayodhya dispute: After Modi govt moves SC, Muslim petitioner makes ‘entire country will burn’ threat - WATCH"

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"India improves a notch, US out of top 20 performers in global corruption index: Report" Transparency International

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While missionaries are very active in south TN, you need to get a more balanced view of the situation. Kanyakumari district which is the southern most tip of both TN and India has the highest percentage of xtians in TN by a large margin. It used to be part of Travancore and Kerala state before it was attached to TN in 1956. It has 48.65% Hindus and 46.85% Christians. That might sound scary, but look at the vote share of parties there in the 2014 elections. Notice anything funny?...

"Gujarat: Fed up with conversions, villagers decide to not allow outsider Christians into the village"

>BTW, this is happening in TN as well. No matter how many sickulars and lemurians trend on Twitter, Hindus in TN are waking up to the attempt at decimation of their culture and religion.

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"TIL during emergency, George Fernandes would recite Bhagwad Gita to other prisoners in Jail (Hindi News)"

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