"Gujarat: Fed up with conversions, villagers decide to not allow outsider Christians into the village"

>BTW, this is happening in TN as well. No matter how many sickulars and lemurians trend on Twitter, Hindus in TN are waking up to the attempt at decimation of their culture and religion.

Discuss: redd.it/akybxj


While missionaries are very active in south TN, you need to get a more balanced view of the situation. Kanyakumari district which is the southern most tip of both TN and India has the highest percentage of xtians in TN by a large margin. It used to be part of Travancore and Kerala state before it was attached to TN in 1956. It has 48.65% Hindus and 46.85% Christians. That might sound scary, but look at the vote share of parties there in the 2014 elections. Notice anything funny?...

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