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Here is the link and my tagid Vaibhav#7667

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@ritwikraghav14 There are so many although i do recommend

Android - Tusky and Fedilab
IOS - Tootdon and Amaroq

There are Web apps too if you want different UI

There is Halcyon (Not ready for mobile)

HalCyon Twitter Clone

Pinafore -

This asshole think it's some kind of race that we need to win.

Peoples life aren't important for him. He just wants that more people die and he can blame government for it.

This is left politics. How low they can go its just horrifying.

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So 101 was the peak and new Corona cases have come down. In the last 24 hours there have been 75 new cases as per the centre. The lockdown may not immediately decrease new cases but it will plateau over the next few days & then begin a decline. Next would be treatment focus !

So looks like India has handled the pandemic the best. World over PM's efforts have been applauded but ... Anyways 🖕 to them ! Feel proud that we have Modi as PM in these troubled times !!

Indian Railway will convert/modify railway coaches into isolation wards. Indian Railways teams are working 24/7 to create 10,000 isolation wards across the country.

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@inditoot I saw this lady's tweet who first got numbers of China Telecom where she added other 2 service providers and came up with 15 million number !!

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आपको और आपके परिवार को हिन्दू 🌞नववर्ष 2077 विक्रमसंवत की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं

हमारी संस्कृति ही हमारी पहचान हैं !

! जय श्री राम !

I am currently using add this, I really don't like it.

It add quite serious amount of bloat to my page and tracking elements as well

Does anyone know privacy friendly sharing buttons which one can add on there blog?

Sharing number is important 😊😁

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Everyone in my neighbourhood followed PM Modi Ji's request to clap or beat thalis in support of medical staff. from roof and terraces around.
Felt quite emotional.
only in India such strong community sense.
Glad to be here, especially now.

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if you have not seen yet my letter to PM Modi, please have a look.
it has been also translated into Hindi.
here is English version, it's not long

Today we witness the nation coming together to defeat the Coronavirus. 💪

Thousands of video of emtpy Streets in India from different cities.

unanimous support for and Thanking those who are working to make India Corona free.

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Social distancing = not touching others unnecessarily.

Remember how Hindus were demonized for having rules whom not to touch?

“Untouchability” was portrayed as being much worse than millions having been ki!!ed in the name of the Christian and Muslim God.
And now?

Btw India taught hygiene to the British.

China Mobile shows that they have lost 8.115 million users in January and February.

Where are these user right now?

ISP should provide free data to everyone so that people will get engaged with their phones and stay in their homes

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China is telling the world that Wuhan is now completely free of !
The Chinese want to change the narrative that they are solely responsible for unleashing the deadly on humanity.

Things people should share but won't do 😔

Don't share crap on what'sapp

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