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Inditoot is not owned and operated by a large corporation! Instead. it is run by me for my beloved 🇮🇳 indian people. Due to the fact that I run it completely free of ads, we have to rely on your help .If you are willing to support us, you can donate a little amount to me

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Some People will post content that is either degrading or not to your liking. If these posts are not specifically against the rules, please do not report them. Mute/Block and or filter them instead!


@brainblasted @Sander I've had some very unpleasant encounters with the admin of inditoot which all started because on his profile he called the assassin of Gahndi a heroe. More here: alexschroeder.ch/wiki/2018-12- -- or just look at the pinned toot on his profile: inditoot.com/@vaibhavgupta

@kensanata @brainblasted Thank you for letting me know!

Are you sure that is the admin? I speak a lot with the admin but that’s @inditoot :o

@Sander @brainblasted Check out the profile. I see he tooted something about Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. Check him out on Wikipedia. I only got as far as this: "… differences with Mahatma Gandhi … arrived in Germany in April 1941, … a Free India Centre was set up in Berlin, … A 3,000-strong Free India Legion, comprising Indians captured by Erwin Rommel's Afrika Korps, was also formed to aid in a possible future German land invasion of India." If that's not a fascist?


@kensanata @Sander @brainblasted

ohh this guy 🤦‍♂️ If i speak facts you dont going to like it and same thing going to happen again.

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