Hitting One Lakh Request that means Migration means alot of work 😑


😀👍 उत्तमा वार्ता अस्ति भो:।

This is what you call a problem you would rather love to have than not...

@Pvaal Its lovely to see the graph go higher 😍😍

@inditoot वर्य.. I want a green tick on my handle. Please verify my account. 😎

@rivalslayer There are no verification method although you can add :verified : (remove the space) in your name and it will show like this :verified:

have fun

@inditoot @rivalslayer Doesn't work. Can you please post a screenshot? Thanks!

@rajeev @rivalslayer Hmm I will ask dev to add support to Custom Emoji

@rivalslayer @inditoot

भवान् मम शीर्षकं पश्यतु ...

@WarLordOfNorth Yeah really happy, hope more people will Join 😍

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