Dear #YunoHost users, @jibec and PierrickBrun have been working on upgrading the #Funkwhale package to the 0.18.2 release.

It is ready for testing phase, and your feedback could help to make the package more robust :)

@funkwhale @jibec great! Does it still need to be installed on a subdomain? That's what's blocking me at the moment.

Yes, you must use a subdomain. Normally if you use yunohost it is quite easy to create a subdomain, which part is a problem for you?

@funkwhale @jibec

Oh it's more to do with my general ignorance than anything else. I did manage to get a sub domain working when I installed yunohost, I could probably do it again, it's just that it would be easier if I didn't have to.
@funkwhale @jibec

I'll give you a little gif if it helps. (sorry my interface is in French)

Afterwards, simply click on it and create an ssl certificate with letsencrypt. (in my case the button is disabled because of my configuration of the virtual machine, but in your case it should be active)


@funkwhale @jibec

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