@inditoot Which Desktop/Android apps do you recommend for IndiToot? Plz pin your recommendation for anyone searching for


@ritwikraghav14 There are so many although i do recommend

Android - Tusky and Fedilab
IOS - Tootdon and Amaroq

There are Web apps too if you want different UI

There is Halcyon (Not ready for mobile)

HalCyon Twitter Clone halcyon.cybre.space/login

Pinafore - pinafore.social/

@inditoot Thanks. But, plz pin this toot on your profile or mention it on homepage. People will search for it and you'll get too many requests for the same.

@ritwikraghav14 I Pinned the toot and Will also Add it on Homepage

@PM @inditoot @ritwikraghav14 no problem. Just post your question anyone will give answer. Tag inditoot too.

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