Hi all,
Just join @inditoot.
Sick of all data harvesting and always tracking social networks, biased media/social media like facebook and twitter.
Advocate of Linux and FOSS, Privacy enthusiast.
Namaste 🙏


Namaste 🙏 Glad you joined us 😃

You may already know about mastodon so no need of introduction i think.

There is very few people in India which relly care about privacy and Love FOSS 😍

@inditoot Love to see Indians use FOSS and privacy centric softwares and social media and get rid of google, facebook, twitter etc.

Truth be told, I don't see an alternative to Google or Microsoft Office. The only reason I have Windows (alongside Ubuntu) is Office.

@ritwikraghav14 @prateik

Well, its harder to remove Tech Gaint from our life but using Foss we will limit there knowledge about us.

There are alternative Available like Libreoffice and Nextcloud, Tutanota mail, Search engine like searx, duckduckgo.

I have used Libre office and OpenOffice. Used Duck too. But, there is no replacement for PowerPoint. And, I keep coming back to Google for general searches.


@ritwikraghav14 @prateik There must be some good alternative out there. You just need to find it.

@ritwikraghav14 @prateik hmm I will let you know if i find a good alternative to it

@ritwikraghav14 If you are young, in college, stick with @libreoffice nonetheless.

Decades later, your older self will be grateful to you, because many older formats from MS and others cannot be opened elsewhere. Check tweet's thread.

@inditoot @prateik


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