Truecaller user data including names, phone numbers and email addresses of users worldwide is available for sale on private internet forums. Data of Indian users is being sold for about Rs 1.5 lakh


As soon as these apps get popular, they just lost there focus on what they should actually do. Now truecaller support Payment,chat, Bus ticket booking and what not.

Although i hate that people can share there whole contacts with a company to play around.

@inditoot I just used it coz it was most helpful in identifying spammers but alas ! Never thought they would do one sell the data at such cheap price :-( Thats why ppl prefer IPhones I guess


@Amrit Well Iphones is just for premium status nothing else you can get Truecaller for IOS too and it gonna copy all your contact to there server.

People need to question themselves is it worth to give whole contact and sms access Just to block few spam calls

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