We got woolly my friend it was easy , i was Just making a mistake with woolly theme 😅

@inditoot Yes. Thank you so much.

BTW, we should maintain a separate repository for our instance.


That would be cool and we can add our patches which we want but I don't know anything about Git and github😔

You should Fork Glitch

@inditoot Okay. I will fork glitch and add woolly theme to it. People having problem here with anything will need to open a ticket so that we can track and solve it.

@inditoot Cool. I will add you to the inditoot org as well.


Can we add Quote feature in Inditoot which will work only on Inditoot toot, means only for local user?

@inditoot I don't think that will be possible because if activityPub doesn't support a feature and we try to implement it locally, it will break the federation even if the toot visibility is restricted.

@akarshanbiswas It supports it but gargron didn't added it. We can show toot in Oembed

@inditoot Let's see. If I could add it. Or we can run a Friendica instance.

@akarshanbiswas it's not cool looking and will user be interested in using friendica?

@inditoot I don't know I was searching for alternatives. I was also looking at pleroma. Guess what it can run even on raspberry pi.

@akarshanbiswas pleroma going to get microui but that is more like Tumblr.

For Facebook I found Diaspora a better choice overall.

I think Pixelfed can make a change but hard to get user

@inditoot MicroUI? I think it has two UIs, one is it's own and other is just like mastodon.

@akarshanbiswas Well Micro UI was developed for Pixelfed but then dansup moved to metro UI for some reason and Send microUi to pleroma

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