Hello 50 years old kid Pappu @RahulGandhi have your party workers worked as volunteers ever anywhere in the country?? Last time when it was flood in Gujarat your leaders were enjoying in 5 star resort. BTW how is session in UK going on? Met ISI? 😏😏😡 t.co/yN9Y5N9IJS

@CPRaghav I am not happy with modi either the whole minority scholarship thing😠

@inditoot @CPRaghav

sabka sath sabka vishwas

bolo jai shree ram :linus:


@dru4 @CPRaghav

Jai shree Ram but it's not sabka sath, They forget who voted them in Power still playing victim card in Bengal. Do something there but Twitter pe Randi Rona Karna Hai.

@dru4 @CPRaghav

:blobthinkingeyes: but we cant loose more our brothers in Bengal

@inditoot @CPRaghav

think about it we were loosing more and couldn't do much before we were selfish but now we are loosing less after being aware and supportive for our govt. and Hindus.

isn't it better than before.

@inditoot @CPRaghav

and big and longer issues never get solved quick.

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