libra is centralized and its not blockchain

Libra, with Facebook's dominance, has the power to replace fiat currency

With their commitments to push Libra across the world, governments across the world won't like it very much

It gives FB and othr tech giants power to interfere a country's economy

@inditoot So, in other words, FB is now 'officially' a nation-state actor?

@inditoot In that case, I hereby renounce my Facebook citizenship. [Facebook logo] Facebook.

Its hilarious they call it Libra. what if they banned some user and user was using their currency what then?

@prateik They can ban user as it's not decentralized so Facebook has full control over it, they will know what you are doing with your money.

And if Government said to ban them, they will do everything to remove that ban even sharing the data with government.

@inditoot So it is a centralized crypto?

Brace yourself, fb on mobile will get lot more slower! I hope you know what I mean.

@akarshanbiswas Yeah, it's centralized I totally do understand what you mean.

They gonna add some serious shit to there app, right now it uses more space then some big games like Pubg

@inditoot Some Tech news sites are calling it crypto though.

@akarshanbiswas @inditoot
US and many other European gov. and politicians are against it thats a good news

@prateik @akarshanbiswas it's good they are against it, Hope Indian government ban it,

@inditoot @akarshanbiswas
This reminds me of E Coin from TV Show Mr. Robot. A must watch tv show.

@inditoot @akarshanbiswas
Its amazing show. a vigilante cyber engineer and hacker group fights against the big corrupt corporation.

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